Summer Sex Habits In The US And UK

Explore the latest summer sex trends in the US and UK, including preferences, intimate vacation habits, and sexual health insights.

Summer Sex Habits In The US And UK
Summer Sex Habits in the US and UK - ZipHealth

What happens to people’s sexual habits when the temperatures rise? Our latest study digs into summer sex trends in the US and UK. We analyzed responses from a diverse group of participants to uncover how summer influences intimacy, preferences, and sexual health. Our survey covered everything from the frequency and timing of sex to the impact of vacations and the ways people manage sexual health issues. Read on to find out the fascinating patterns and behaviors that define summer sex.

Key takeaways

  • 1 in 4 adults are having more sex in the summer than in fall and winter. Men (31%) are more likely than women (21%) to do so.
  • Late night is the most favored time for having sex during the summer, according to 30% of adults.
  • Americans are 33% more likely than Britons to want to be single this summer.
  • 1 in 10 adults are looking to have 3 or more sexual partners this summer.
  • 72% of Americans and 59% of Britons want to explore new sexual positions this summer.
  • 29% of women are planning to have a “hot girl summer” this year, while 22% are considering it.

Warm weather, hot encounters

Summer can change people’s sexual habits and preferences. Let’s first explore how warmer weather could influence intimacy and check out the trends that might define summer sex this year.

When the temperature rises, so does sexual activity. One in four adults (26% of Britons and 25% of Americans) reported having more sex during the summer compared to fall and winter. Men were particularly active, with 31% engaging more frequently in the summer months compared to 21% of women. Could it be the longer days and more relaxed atmosphere of warmer weather ramping up their sex drives?

The timing of sex is also flexible this time of year, especially for Americans: they were 17% more likely than Britons to be open to sex at any time of the day in the summertime. Still, late night was the top choice for summer intimacy: 30% of respondents favored it overall, including 33% of Americans and 26% of Britons. These populations disagreed about morning sex, though — 14% of Britons preferred sex in the morning compared to just 8% of Americans.

But how long do these encounters typically last? Summer sex sessions averaged about 30.4 minutes for both Americans and Britons. And since other research shows that most people prefer around 30 minutes per session year-round, this could indicate that the summer heat doesn’t slow things down.

Many will be looking to spice things up in the bedroom this year, too. As for Americans, 72% expressed a desire to try new sex positions, while 59% of Britons also shared this adventurous spirit. Anal toys have caught some interest, too, with 20% of men and 14% of women wanting to give them a try this summer.

Sex on vacation

Summer is the perfect time for romantic and sexual adventures, and leisurely vacations present the perfect opportunity to indulge. What will this look like for Americans and Britons this summer? This section uncovers what people are looking for in their summer relationships and where they’re headed for intimate escapades.

Many adults expressed a desire for variety in their summer romances. One in ten said they want to have three or more sexual partners during the summer season. Women were particularly interested in having a “hot girl summer,” with 29% planning for it and 22% considering it. American women (31%) were more likely than British women (26%) to embrace the idea.

In contrast, men were more inclined to prefer being single this summer, with 14% of men compared to 9% of women opting for solo status. This trend shows how personal freedom and exploration were key themes of the season.

The top 10 destinations for romantic or sexual escapades were:

  1. Hawaii 37%
  2. Paris, France 29%
  3. Cancun, Mexico 27%
  4. New York City 27%
  5. Lucca, Italy 18%
  6. Turks and Caicos 16%
  7. Baros, Maldives 15%
  8. Lisbon, Portugal 15%
  9. Lake Tahoe, California 13%
  10. Wales 12%

Summer seems to inspire a sense of adventure and exploration, both in relationships and travel. The warm weather and vacation mindset create the perfect backdrop for romantic experiences.

Vacations can be a great time to relax and get intimate (hotel sex, anyone?) But for many people, the tricky part is figuring out when to have sex while traveling with family. It’s so tricky, in fact, that many resort to having sex in the same room as their family members. American parents were twice as likely as British parents to do this — but at least they waited till their families were asleep!

Summer sex health

Although summer may heat things up in the bedroom, it doesn’t make sexual health issues go away. This section explores people’s concerns and how they manage them.

Many women voiced concerns about erectile dysfunction (ED) affecting their summer flings. Nearly one in five women worried about their summer fling partner experiencing ED during sex. Some of them (23%) said they feel unattractive when this happens, so it’s easy to understand their concerns.

Premature ejaculation (PE) was another common concern, but respondents shared a few key strategies for managing it. Britons were more likely to use the stop-start method, with 57% opting for this technique compared to 47% of Americans. Meanwhile, Americans were more inclined to masturbate before sex to avoid PE, with 37% using this method versus 21% of Britons.

Gen Zers were particularly proactive in handling PE. They led the way in using the following techniques: 

Summer of love 2024

This summer could bring a noticeable shift in sexual behaviors and preferences in the US and UK since many adults embrace more frequent and adventurous sex during the warmer months. Key trends included a preference for late-night intimacy, a willingness to explore new sexual experiences, and unique strategies for managing sexual health challenges like PE and ED. We hope these findings help you enhance and transform your intimate relationships for a season of passion and exploration — if that’s what you’re into.


For this study, we surveyed 1,002 adults to explore sexual habits and preferences, focusing on summer trends. Of them, 60% were from the United States, and 40% were from the United Kingdom. The gender breakdown was 56% women and 44% men. The survey was conducted in May 2024.

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